Frequenly Asked Questions

Booking a Food Truck Event

How can I book food trucks for events?

Reserving an event is as easy as pie – especially if pie is what you’re looking for!

The best way to request a quote for your event is to submit a request online. Once submitted, your request will be shared immediately with an events team member, who will respond to your inquiry. You can also email us directly at Whether online or through email, it is important to provide as many details as possible so we can provide you with a prompt response and quote for your event.

When should I book the food truck I want?
What type of occasions can Your Food Truck Events cater?
What are the different service styles for food truck events?
What is the difference between private / prepaid catering and an event where guests pay their own way?
What is private food truck catering?
What do I need to provide?
What is required to have a food truck at my event?
What if I want more than one food truck at my event?
I need a special permit for my event - can you help me?
Where can food trucks park?
What do you need to know to provide me with a quote?
What if a different number of people show up on the day of the event than I expected?
I got a quote - can I change any details?

Pricing Information

How much does a food truck cost?
Pricing varies depending on the food truck or cart, desired menu, number of guests, travel time, length of service and service date. Pricing ranges from $400 - $3,500+, which is dependent on the specific food partner, season, day of week, time of day and the demand for their food.

These figures do NOT include taxes or fees and are only an approximation; a quote for your event may be lower or higher depending on your requests.
Do food trucks pay a fee or donate a portion of their sales?
How can I pay for my event?

Cuisine Options & Information

Are there any food trucks that can accomadate dietary restrictions?
Yes! Many of our partners offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. We also have halal and kosher options as well. For private events, menus can be coordinated in advance to accommodate dietary preferences.
What type of food is available?
Is eating from a food truck safe?