Branded Promotions
and Other Events

Create unexpected moments in unexpected places

Welcome to Your Food Truck Events Marketing and Branded Promotions. We launch pop-up experiential marketing campaigns that go anywhere, draw attention in a big way, and satisfy customers’ appetites for unique brand experiences.


Fully Integrated

Designed for pairing, Your Food Truck Events crafts brand experiences that extend through the physical and digital worlds.

Totally Turnkey

We got you. Together we'll strategize and then we execute flawlessly to make your marketing promotion a smashing success.

Highly Customizable

Your goals and objectives are where we start to ensure our project does exactly what it needs to do, when it needs to do it.


TV & Film Catering

Whether you're on the lot or on location, Your Food Truck Events makes production catering turnkey with delicious food trucks the entire cast and crew will love.  You will be the biggest star on set.

24 Hour Production Catering

Fuel your cast and crew with full meals or quick service items like coffee and snacks. We offer famous, on-trend food trucks that provide 24 hour production catering flexibility. Decide if you want buffet style service or order directly from the truck, and it's a wrap.

Be The Star

Make the catering experience the center of your set's social scene by booking food trucks that the entire cast and crew will love. With thousands of well-known and delicious trucks in our network, we have the lobster roll or taco that everyone will go crazy for. 

We Handle the Hard Part

Make feeding everyone on the lot the easiest part of your day. We reach out to the most reliable trucks, negotiate the best prices, and handle all the transactions. Just tell us what you want and we'll help you get back to more important task

Craft Services, Done Right

Looking to expand your craft services options? Give your cast and crew a fresh acai bowl instead of that boring bagel. Choose from hundreds of grab-and-go food options, brought direct to your tv or movie set.

It's a Wrap!

Celebrate your final production day or wrap party with the best food truck catering in your city. With thousands of well-known and delicious trucks in our network, we have the lobster roll or taco that everyone will go crazy for.


Food Trucks on Campus

Looking to feed your entire student body? Want to give your faculty a festive dining option? Bring food trucks to your next school or university event.

Food For All Ages

Dish out Kobe beef sliders at an up-scale alumni event or indulge in ice cream to celebrate a great day at school. With thousands of delicious meal options, we will secure the perfect cuisine for your campus event. From hungry middle schoolers to school administrators, we have a food truck for all ages and palates.

No Roof, No Problem

Feeding your student body has never been easier. From outdoor school carnivals to cafeterias under renovation, we bring food trucks where traditional catering cannot go and leave no mess behind. We can even bring tables, chairs, linens or anything else you need.

Your School's Better With Great Food

Honor your graduating class, celebrate your alumni, or welcome new students to campus. We offer a network of festive and on-trend food trucks that make big moments that much better. Make your food as special as your school.

Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered

Book your on-campus event with confidence knowing we have established relationships with the food trucks. We will start by providing the tastiest options and secure the best food trucks for your budget. 

Extraordinary Food Experiences
We provide extraordinary food experiences for large events.  Win lifetime fans, hearts and minds with a food program designed to impress and engage.

We're Your Full-Service F&B Solution

From branded food courts to Instagram-worthy installations to activities, give attendees another reason to love your event, share their experience, and come back. Our job is to do all the heavy lifting, including infrastructure design, manage all vendors, and ensure profitability for all parties.